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Getting to know your
 Attachment Kit

What's included...

Congratulations on your purchase of a Coltrin Central Vacuum System! We appreciate your business and are confident that you will enjoy the convenience and efficiency of our product.

Thank you! - Coltrin Vac

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Edge Charge Powerhead

  • Heavy Duty Carpet Cleaning

  • Telescopic Wand with Battery

  • Powerful LED Headlights

  • Swivel neck

  • 5 Level Adjustable Height

  • Charge indicator LED

  • Charging Cord 


  • 14″ Click Brush

  • Metal Telescopic Wand

  • Crevice Tool

  • Dusting Brush

  • Upholstery Tool

  • Wall Wand Clamp

  • Wall Mount Tool Caddy

  • Adapter Handle

How to use your 


1- PULL.
Pull the hose out until you hear an audible click indicating it is locked into place. Switch the system on. 

Accessories are available for any cleaning job. Just choose your attachment and let the powerful suction do the work. 

pulling a central vacuum hose out of the wall inlet
using a retractable central vacuum hose to vacuum hardwood floors

When done, twist the hose counterclockwise (left) to release. Cover the end with your hand and the hose puts itself away automatically! The system turns off when the handle is in place.

retracting a central vacuum hose

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