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How It Works

A Central Vacuum System is composed of three main parts:


Piping and inlets

Strategically placed inlets throughout the house provide coverage to clean all the surfaces of your home.  Usually one inlet can cover 700-850 sq/ft of home with a conventional system or up to 2,000 sq/ft with a Hide-A-Hose system.  Piping concealed in the crawlspace and attic connects each inlet and is run to wherever the Power Unit will be located (usually the garage or mechanical room).

Power Unit

The Central Vacuum Power Unit is the heart of the system.  With 3-5 times the power of a portable vacuum and the added advantage of being located outside the living area of your home, a central vacuum results in a higher performing , quieter way to clean your home.  All dirt, debris and other vacuumed material are collected in the central power unit eliminating the re-circulation of any dust back into your home. Coltrin Central Vac recommends Vacuflo Power Units because they carry a Lifetime Warranty and offer a variety of filtration methods.

Attachment Set & Accessories

 A lightweight, crush-proof hose and high performance attachments complete your system. Various models are available depending on your personal preference and your homes needs.  The Attachment Sets includes a hose, powerhead for carpet, floor brush for hard surfaces, dusting brush, upholstery brush, crevice tool, extension wand, hose hanger and attachment caddy.  All sets can be customized to meet your homes specific needs. Other popular accessories include hose sock, garage kit and stair tool.

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