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Electric Stair Tool: The Electric Stair tool is ideal for stairs, small spaces like automobile floor mats and trunks, and any other tight space where using a full size head is prohibitive.

Connects directly to hose handle for speed and convenience.


Fits  electirc hoses with standard two pin connection -

The Mini Electric vacuum brush can be used with most brands of central vacuum systems that have a 2-pin (3/8" apart) connection at the hose handle.  Standard 1.25" diameter neck.


Perfect for:

  • Carpeted Stairs
  • Sofas, Chairs
  • Pet Beds and Hair 
  • Mats & Rugs
  • Hard to Reach Places


Made in Germany by Wessel-Werk

Mini-Electric Stair Tool

$139.00 Regular Price
$111.20Sale Price
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