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Cory Coltrin - Owner

Cory has always been a hard worker.  Starting a central vacuum company while working another full-time job, he quickly became so busy that it wasn't long before Coltrin Central Vacuum Systems grew to include many other employees.  Cory has been married for over 30 years and has three wonderful children; one of which works for the company.  He loves working with family and those who have a similar work ethic.  Cory takes pride in the fact that Coltrin Central Vacuum Systems is one of the largest vacuum companies in the nation.

Cade Coltrin - Owner/Operations Manager

Cade Coltrin has enjoyed working at Coltrin Central Vacuum since its inception when Cade was just a teenager.  He has experienced every part of the business from installation, service, sales and administration.  Cade is heavily involved in the building contractors associations and other networking organizations.   Cade enjoys spending his free time with his wife and three kids camping in the beautiful mountains of Idaho.  He also enjoys mountain biking, running, and just about anything outdoors.   


Justin Mai - Sales Representative

Justin has worked for Coltrin Central Vacuum Systems since 2002.  Justin spent nine years working as an installation technician and field supervisor before moving into the sales department.  This experience makes Justin very knowledgeable in all aspects of our business.  When Justin is not working, he enjoys spending as much time as possible with his two sons, his daughter and his wife, usually somewhere in the mountains of Idaho.

Zac Coltrin - Office Sales & Service

Zac started at Coltrin in 2014 while still in high school. After graduation Zac began installing central vacuum systems full-time.  Zac served a two year mission in Mexico City.  Zac loves being involved in the family business and take pride in being raised in the industry.  When Zac is not working he enjoys cuddling with kittens and puppies. 


Isaac Reyna - Sales Representative

After working as a installation technician for several years for Coltrin Isaac is now a sales representative. The experience from being an installation technician makes him very knowledgeable of all aspect of central vacuum equipment whether that be new construction, retrofitting, or service work. When Isaac is not working he enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife and dogs, usually fishing, hiking,or hunting. 

Kelli Van Houten - Office Manager

Kelli has worked at Coltrin Central Vacuum Systems for over since 2005. A dedicated and very hard worker, Kelli ensures that everything runs smoothly behind the scenes at Coltrin Vac.  An Idaho native, Kelli and her husband Troy have three daughters and a cat.  She loves spending time reading, traveling and doing anything with her family.  

Corinne Hogan - Office Assistant

Corinne has worked in the central vacuum industry for over five years. A upbeat and friendly personality help Corinne excel at her job. Corinne is the first point of contact when you call or visit Coltrin Vac.  An Idaho native, Corinne and her husband Mike have six kids and two dogs.  She loves watching comedians and getting together for family activities.

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