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Pets and Central Vacuums

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

Pets and vacuums. Can you name a more notorious duo?

Whether it's a dog scared of the vacuum or a cat grooming and leaving loads of fur around, there's likely a relationship at work.

As much as we love our pets, we know that they can easily make messes in and around our homes. The puppy dog eyes can be heartwarming but they still leave you with a mess. Especially once Fall hits, most pets, like your average Husky are shedding like crazy. As it gets colder, we often find ourselves indoors. Who wants to be trapped inside with dust and excess hair and pet dander?

Unfortunately, pets have accidents in the house even when they are past the potty training phase. It's a sad fact of life, but honestly, it is unavoidable. However, the stains that your pets leave behind are.

What you really need is a strong central vacuum system designed for the job – whether you have a constantly-shedding German shepherd or sheepdog.

Luckily, we have a few products at Coltrin Central Vac. that will make cleaning up after them a lot easier.

Several of the employees at Coltrin love the spot remover that we have in the office. The ChemDry Spot Remover works great with all pet stains and many other types of stains as well. We have several customers who come into our store for that product and buy 3-5 at a time! One can of ChemDry is only $15 and once you try it, you won't want to use anything else.

Car rides often leave you with a car full of pet hair.

Whether it is for the dreaded vet visit or just a fun day out and about, the hair builds up quickly. Thankfully there are garage hoses that you can use with your central vac system to easily clean it all up. The hoses come in two different kits and they can work with almost any central vac unit. The Car Kit is a 30ft hose that comes with a rack, a tool caddy, and several small tools and the Garage Kit has a 40ft hose, a rack, tool caddy, small tools, and a bare floor brush. It makes cleaning out the car and garage very easy and it makes most of us more likely to do it.

Pet hair tends to also build up on furniture. The Rugrat, an air driven handheld powerhead, works great on upholstery, car mats and stairs. We currently have a coupon for $20 off of the Rugrat so take a look at our Specials tab to take advantage of the deal. It won't last long.

The hair can be a problem in the car and on furniture but it can also be a nuisance when brushing your pets. There are many different types of brushes for dogs and cats but the problem always seems to be that the hair gets stuck in the brush or ends up on your floors. We have a great pet kit that solves that problem. The TopVac Pet Groomer has two different brushes, a soft bristled one for short hair and a pin comb brush for longer hair and undercoats. All you need to do is attach the preferred brush to your hose handle and as you brush your pet the hair will be vacuumed up. The pet set also comes with an adapter for the hoses that aren't universal. A compliant pet is helpful when making this tool work.

When you feel frustrated with your pets' messes come into Coltrin and see what we can do to make cleaning up after the lovable beasts a little bit easier.

As central vacuums go, these are quiet machines with sound levels between 55dB and 62dB depending on the model. They also have high-capacity storage canisters (which can be used either bagless or with a bag) which hold nine gallons of dust, dirt, and hair, so they don’t have to be emptied often.

Some central vacuums aren’t built with the messy problem of pet hair in mind, so they’re not equipped to do the job efficiently and completely. Luckily we are fully aware that our customers love their pets, but still, need to clean up after them.

If you like what the Coltrin Central Vac system has to offer, check out the rest of our site now. We hope you've found this helpful as your pets begin to shed and we are finding ourselves inside, sheltered from the cold.

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