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Five Benefits of a Central Vacuum System

Updated: Nov 21, 2018

In an age where we often feel like an episode of the Jetsons come to life, technology is getting better and better at making us feel comfortable at home. Still, we aren't equipped with (many) robots to do our vacuuming. The chances they will do it effectively is in question too.

The Roomba won't clear out those hard to reach nooks, or even along the trim that lines your every wall.

What is that answer?

Obviously, we recommend a central vacuum. Whether you’re building, remodeling, or just want to update your home. This is a long-term solution to a long-term problem.

There are numerous advantages to having a central vacuum system in your home. We know that some homeowners have little or no experience with anything except an upright vacuum and they don't know what they are missing out on.

Since we’re here to educate, let’s start with the benefits.

Here are a few of our top reasons to invest in a central vacuum:

1) Power:

Central vac units have large motors rated for the appropriate square footage of the home which gives you incredibly strong suction.

Upright vacuums are designed to be moved easily. This limits the amount of power they are capable of delivering. A central vacuum system, on the other hand, does not have to limit itself to a certain size.

Thus, they usually have larger and more powerful motors, which can offer way more powerful cleaning actions. If the suction power is stronger, the cleaning quality is also higher. Simple math right? The central vacuum power heads are much lighter than an upright vacuum too. Our hoses are easy to handle as well. They used to be heavier and we have heard great comments about the newer, lightweight hoses.

By this fact alone, the central vacuum power unit cannot just clean deeply, but can also remove even the tiniest dust particles in the air.

2) Home Value:

Adding a central vacuum system to your home will add great resell value. Central vacuums are a really good investment for the home. Although it will cost you more at the outset than a traditional upright or canister type vacuum cleaner, it offers better value and thus makes a better and wiser purchase in the long run.

It does demonstrate a certain character of a home too. If someone invested in this cleaning technology, you better believe they actually cared about the value of their property.

3) Cleaner Air:

Cleaner air means a variety of things. Many homeowners with allergies will notice that their symptoms will be reduced when they have a central vacuum installed.

Most upright vacuums recycle the allergens back into the air.

Meanwhile, the central system will remove it from inside the home. A recent study was done to show the air quality benefits. You can read the article here:

Mold and other particulates, that can be exacerbated by excess moisture, are known to cause damage to homes if untreated. We’re not saying the central vacuum is the solution to this problem, but it is among the ways to prevent such emergencies from happening.

A more powerful motor also makes the filtration system more effective as it is capable of bringing more dust and allergens through the filter. Thus, it is safe to say that central vacuum power units also offer improved dust filtration, so much so since these harmful particles are all captured outside of your home and can thus be vented away from the living spaces in your home.

4) Longer Lasting:

Homeowners buy several upright vacuums for their homes but central vacuums can last much longer.

One sad fact of vacuum cleaners is that they can become worn within a year or so. Even worse, they require a lot of maintenance on a regular basis. Have pets or family members with long hair? You'll find that the standard vacuum cleaner doesn't deal with either of those very well. Instead, spending time taking apart compartments to clean hoses and filters will be the mundane task of vacuuming.

One feature that makes a central vac great, the large filter that requires infrequent cleaning and replacement. The central system is larger and doesn't need special sized tools to repair.

Most central vacuums come with a factory warranty too. So before you buy, or if you've already purchased, start taking yours apart, make sure to talk with your dealer about what options fit your system.

5) Versatility:

A central vacuum system can do way more than just vacuum your carpets. It has the ability to vacuum tile and hardwood floors. It can be used to vacuum in the garage, you can use it for furniture, pets and much more. There are attachments for pretty much everything so the possibilities are endless. If there's an aspect of cleaning that you were concerned about, worry no further.

While a cordless vacuum can deliver versatility in its portability, the user won't find the power to be there. Instead, more time is spent trying to clean crevasses and deep carpet than actually picking up any debris.

Hopefully, this post has helped you understand the concept of a central vacuum system. If you're looking for troubleshooting information or tips, keep following the blog. Thanks from everyone here at Coltrin!

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