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 Retractable Solutions:

Tailored to fit your home's unique needs

Ready to change the way you clean?

Cut cleaning time in half with all our quick-clean options

1. Select inlets options

Customize a central vacuum system that meets the cleaning needs for each room of your home.  Add retractable hoses and automatic dustpans to the high traffic area and cut cleaning time in half. 

Chameleon Open door.gif

Whole House 

Whole-house cleaning with 30' to 50' retractable hoses

Small Areas

Cham spot.gif

Spot cleaning with 15' retractable hose


Garage RetractVac Valve.png

Garage cleaning with 30' to 50' retractable hose


In Cabinet

Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundryroom cleaning with 24' retractable hose


Under Cabinet

Hard floor cleaning with an automatic dustpan

VacPort Full Shot 3.jpg

VacPort automatic dustpan


Wall Valve

Universal inlets for plug-in hoses

inlet png.png
Standard Inlet.jpg

Universal Valve


2. Select Equipment Package 

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