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Automatic Dustpan


Never look for a dustpan again!

Add to your home for only

Keep all your hard surfaces clean!


Offering the height of convenience in floor cleaning, Vacports are installed under cabinets. An easy to use automatic dustpan, opened with a simple touch of a toe, turning on your central vacuum system and allowing you to sweep dirt and debris directly into the inlet, eliminating the inevitable battle with the dustpan dirt line.

Perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry and mud rooms.

$349 Installed

VacPort Full Shot 3.jpg

Add to any central vacuum system 

1- Sweep.
 Just sweep the dirt toward the opening and let the power of your central vacuum do the rest.


Just a slight touch with your toe activates the VacPort sweep inlet valve

3 - Relax.
Enjoy a clean home.

VacPort close up 4.jpg

Enhance your existing central vacuum system by adding one or more Vacports to the busiest parts of your home. 

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