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Is Your Home already piped for Central Vacuum?

Coltrin Central Vacuum Systems has pre-plumbed over 15,000 homes.  If your home is already piped for a central vac, completing the system is a cinch.

In fact, our highly trained and experienced installation technicians can set up the Central Vac equipment in­ a pre-plumbed home in about a hour.

With all the health and convenience benefits a central vacuum can bring to a home, no home should be without one. Trade your old portable vacuum for the outstanding performance and convenience of a Coltrin system.

 Step 1: Select Vac Equipment 

Since your home is already plumbed for central vac, you simply need to select a properly sized Power Unit and an Attachment Set that fits your needs.  Select your equipment from our website or come in to our showroom and try all the options out first hand.  We can also visit your home and bring you any information necessary.

 Step 2: Select any additional Accessories 

Select any of the other convenience options for your system. VacPans(automatic dustpans), Retractable hoses such as Vroom or Hide-A-Hose, Garage kits, hose socks or stair tools are some of the many popular extras that can enhance your central vacuum system.

 Step 3: Set a date for Install 

Either notify your technician or give our office a call and we’ll set up a convenient time for your install. Complete installation and set up can usually be done in about an hour. Once the system is installed, our friendly technician will provide a full demonstration of how your new system works. This will include the maintenance and care of the Power Unit, how to use and maintain the accessories, and a full explanation of your warranty.

The bottom line: a Central Vacuum increases the value of your home and improves your quality of life.

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