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The new COLTRING gives your installations a nice finished look, plus many additional benefits.


The COLTRING securely holds tubing in place while working on additional sections of the tube system,which is great when installing a job by yourself or running tubing vertically from one floor to another.

Has a larger diameter that covers larger holes, giving you more flexibility

​If mounting inside a 2x4 wall, you can break away 2 of the 4 tabs so it will fit inside the wall (tabs can be snapped off by wiggling them back and forth with pliers).

Has a socket that tubing can be glued into and a nipple that a fitting can be glued onto. The socket end even has a stop so you can’t push the tubing too deep

 4 keyhole slots with plenty of room to run low-voltage wire through them as well as screws to secure it to a variety of surfaces, plus you won’t need to use a tube strap in that area.


SKU: 80179
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